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A description defines the properties of the connection like for example the codec.In a real application, Web RTC needs servers (in general simple) for the following purposes: to cope with NAT traversal and other network specific details.The above code simply allows Web Socket connections and broadcasts all the messages received from one client, to all other clients (excluding the sender).To start the server application, execute from the folder where you created the file with the above content.This means that you should add it to your exception list in order to be able to access the application.

In a real application one has to deal with complex situations, users management, and all kind of errors.One of the last major challenges for the web is to enable human communication via voice and video without using special plugins and without having to pay for these services.The first Web RTC implementation was built in May 2011 by Ericsson.In this process, STUN servers have a single task: to enable a peer behind a NAT to find out its public address and port.Google and Mozilla provides a couple of STUN severs which can (for now) be used free of charge.

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